Cardiac (Coronary) CT angiography

Cardiac (Coronary) CT angiography:

CT angiography of the coronary arteries can be performed in just 5-6 seconds of breath holding with this equipment. Motion free imaging of the heart produces images with sub millimeter resolution that can be used to analyze calcified and non-calcified plaques in the coronary arteries. The high negative predictive value of this investigation means that a normal CT coronary angiogram study ‘rules out coronary artery disease’. Also this Light speed VCT XT system acquires scan with up to 70% less radiation dose than conventional cardiac CT, using the unique snapshot method.


Cerebro-vascular angiography and stroke work up.

Our volume CT is equipped with a new feature called Volume Shuttle mode which allows 80mm brain coverage, making possible Neuro CT perfusion and cerebral angiographic study in one exam. This is vital in patients with acute infarct, to assess salvageable brain parenchyma.