64 Detector multislice whole body / cardiac CT

64 Detector multislice whole body / cardiac CT:

With its unique 64 X 0.625mm detector configuration, this volume CT Scan from GE Health care, can deliver up to 73% more coverage per second of a given region of interest over previous CT technology. The speed dramatically reduces artifacts due to patient motion. This new technology enables increased scan speed, enhanced image quality, specialized clinical applications, all with the lowest radiation dose. In addition to the routine applications in head & neck, thorax and abdomen, this 64 detector volume CT can perform the following specialized procedures:
  •  Cardiac (coronary) CT angiography
  •  Cerebro-vascular angiography and stroke work up
  •  Vascular body CT angiography
  •  Auto lung nodule analysis
  •  CT Colonoscopy
  •  Musculoskeletal and polytrauma
  •  Oncological applications